Information on founding of Central European Regulatory Forum (CERF)

New partnership came into being on the European regulatory media landscape. On December 10, 2009 six regulatory authorities from Central and Eastern Europe met in Prague for a ceremonial signature of the Memorandum of Understanding. This act resulted into establishing the Central European Regulatory Forum (CERF).

Council for Radio and TV Broadcasting hosted the National Radio and Television Commission (Hungary), the National Broadcasting Council (Poland), the National Audiovisual Council (Romania), the Republic Broadcasting Agency (Serbia) and the Council for Broadcasting and Retransmission (Slovakia). All these above mentioned bodies became founding members of the CERF. Not only regionality but also similar development of media legislation were the unifying elements. As a template for formulating the Memorandum the text of the agreement between the British and Swedish broadcasting authorities was used. The purpose is to provide guidelines for proceeding in the case when a broadcast from one country breaches the laws of another country. The regulatory authorities will meet once a year to deal with main issues and to inform each other on important media events in their countries. The agreement therefore offers the possibility of high-quality cooperation and it should contribute to the cultivation of media space in the region of Central and Eastern Europe.

The Memorandum is based on the good will of the relevant partners and shall be without any affect to other documents signed prior to this act.

New member of CERF

Slovenian Postal and Electronic Communication Agency (APEK) became a new member of Central European Regulatory Forum on 1 June 2012.